Thursday, January 24, 2008
Pictures are up!!!

The PROFESSIONAL's wan aaah!!!...=p

Here's the link!=)

All thank Daniel Liew when you see him!=)

12:31 AM

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

We're BACK!


Well here are some Highlights! Enjoy!

Youth Camp Day 1

Youth Camp Day 2

Youth Camp Day 3

More pictures and stuff coming soon!!!

So keep on checking!!!

7:32 PM

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007
Merry Christmas!!!

Just something that I feel like sharing..

Christmas is all about Jesus! and so it's our camp!!!!

In less than 24 hours we'll all be rocking Ancasa Resort, Port Dickson!!!

So faster pack your stuff and get enough rest tonight!!!

and just a friendly reminder.

to be at church

by 2pm!!

we really don't wanna leave you behind so please do come on time, tell your parents or whoever to send you on time. Do remember it's a working day tommorow. So don't lengang-lengang coming out last minute ya!

Happy Opening your presssies!!

Blessed Christmas y'all!!

7:11 PM

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Monday, December 24, 2007
True Gung-Ho-ness.

Your tags and booklets! You better appreciate them campers!=p

We have no idea on how we're able to stay up so late with such energy, but there is only one reason. That through the Grace and strenght that God has provided us!

and lotsa 100 plus!!!

Continue to pray for the camp people!!!It definitely is gonna be an awesome one!

" To tell people the Good News about God's Grace!" - Acts 20: 24

1:09 AM

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Sunday, December 23, 2007
Two more days Two more days!!!

I'm sure everyone enjoyed and was blessed by the Christmas Production"Indescribable". Right?

Kudos to all the cast and crew of this succesful production!

It's almost on the eve of Christmas eve and we, your faithful committee are finishing touches on the preparation for YOUTH CAMP 2007!!! *hoooraaay*

Everything looks soooo awessssssssome. From the tags, booklet, hampers, the flyers, even the buses look awesome!

You gotta be kidding to tell me your not extremely-overly-excited! But don't get toooo excited. Because you still need to pack!

So if you missed this Sunday's briefing, fear not! The BriefingMan is here at your service to present to you a summary of what you missed.


Glad Tidings Youth Camp

Venue: Ancasa Resort Allsuites, Port Dickson
Date: 26th – 29th December 2007
Departure: Glad Tidings Section 13, 2.00pm
Arrival: Glad Tidings Section 13, 4.00pm

1) Slippers
2) Bible
3) Notebook
4) Pens
5) Sweater or Jacket
6) Shoes
7) Additional Clothes for Games
8) Toiletries
9) Snacks
10.) Do not bring any valuable
11.) Bring only limited amount of cash necessary
(Everything is provided.DO NOT BRING EXCESS CASH)
12.) Do not bring Playstation 1,2 or 3
13.) Bring necessary medication for your condition
(eg.Inhaler for Asthma)
14.) YOURSELF!!!

Emergency Contacts:
- Danny Tan (012- 212 6693)
- Gwen Choo (012- 387 9938)
- Karen Lau (012-221 0379)
- Sunita Phillips (012-399 5005)
Anymore further updates will be notified.=)

9:39 PM

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Thursday, December 20, 2007
to get you guys more excited, we're gonna show u the prizes that are up for grabs

yes.. this are the prizes for the best groups!!

its so good .. even the committee members wan to be apart of it!!

till then see u there ..

let us catch 2 fish alive

9:24 PM

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007
here it is .. our final video and the 'live' performance with a message at the end ;)

1:02 PM

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